Welcome, Spring! We are overjoyed to see you. There is definitely a bounce in our steps and a glow on our cheeks. Yesterday the kids and I stayed in the schoolyard until 5:00pm. Moms chatted, kids ran around and it felt like it was supposed to. Like how I remember playing for hours on end as a kid myself. Then we walked home and that took us forever because everyone was outside and we had to stop and chat half a dozen times. It was bliss.

Amanda and I don't post as often cause we are happily busy with projects, but I couldn't resist sharing some of my spring picks - the things that brighten up the inside of your house after a long winter and help you welcome spring.

Here they are:


Please take note of the pom detail. Light and whimsical and can be found here.

882709197836_hi 882709198932_hi

This is called bringing the outside in. Maybe just one on the couch? Found here.


A little bit of spring cleaning and a touch of organization with a pretty Tote goes a long way. Here.


I am OBSESSED with Caldrea products. Amanda introduced me to the countertop spray and even Chris tells me to spray it on something before someone comes over. It makes the house smell like it was just cleaned from top to bottom. Apparently they have a room spray that I haven't gotten my hands on yet but intend to.


A light Kilim in a muted blue and it's actually indoor/outdoor so you can use it wherever you want.


This is not particularly a spring item but I really love it. Wouldn't it be nice to come to my house for a coffee and then I present you with this combo including a biscotti on the side?

Enjoy the sun, people!