Amanda and I gave ourselves an early Valentine's day gift by planning a weekend away at a cottage this weekend. No kids, no husbands. Yep, I might stay in my pyjamas all weekend long. I might read a book or I might just sit by the fire and talk about life all day long.... one of the things I used to do with girlfriends all the time before I had kids and was accountable to them every minute of the day and night. Remember when you would hang out with a friend in the morning and then it turned into the afternoon and then the night and all you did was talk because you had nowhere pressing to go? That's what I'm referring to.  It's one of my favourite hobbies. So Happy Valentine's day to us!

But Chris, if you do want to get me something else on the actual day, here are my hints:

Pictures courtesy of (bowls, vase, marble heart,) (serve ware, pouch, candle,) (bathing suit) and (ring, mittens.)