Amanda and I made it out Thursday night to the Interior Design Show Opening. We were pretty excited. We'd never been before and it was a chance to get dressed up. Being new to this, I think we were both surprised at how fancy some people were and the high concentration of black rimmed glasses in the crowd. But people seemed really happy to be there and excited about design. I think that was the highlight for me - to realize how big an industry it is now and how many people care about interiors. Here's a pic of Amanda, sitting in a painting. She looks so happy because she's drinking wine and high on advil (she's actually got a really bad cold.)



We took a selfie of the two of us but it's a bit too close up, if you know what i mean...

Anyway, one of the highlights was the IKEA kitchen designed by House and Home. It made me actually rethink white because it was so warm and so inviting. The details were impressive - the backsplash tile, the gold railing, the concrete island, all the rustic elements etc.




And the other little highlight was a company called Lint and Honey that make pillows and wall art and aprons. Nothing earth shattering, but very pleasing to the eye.


We will definitely go again next year. Maybe by then we will have a booth!