So I bought some cut greens at Whole Foods back in December. They were going to be filler for a vase, accompanied by other flowers. I ended up putting them in a vase all to themselves cause they looked so pretty - seen here on the side of this picture. _MG_9904-2They stayed there for the entire month of DecemberĀ and then I cut them and added them to my table arrangement for Christmas - seen here.


Then the tulips died but I kept the greens and cut the remainder to fill the middle vase and they are my current centrepiece - seen here.


So my question is: what the heck is this greenĀ that has lasted a month and a half and continues to thrive?


I will bake cookies for the first person who can identify it. It's been such a lovely and versatile addition to my home and it was such a random purchase to begin with... just wish I knew what it was.